It's ...... it's ..... pics from the UK Meet!


Oh, yes .... it's the picture they (or, more likely, SHE) didn't want you to see! In February of this year, the now-infamous UK Meet took place at Steve's (Abaddon's) place, and ... well, a lot of alcohol was poured down the necks of everyone there, and a good time was had by all <g>

There aren't as many pictures as there were at the last meet, but there was a video camera present - work is underway to convert the footage to an MPEG clip for all to see. Watch this space, as they say!


All pictures can be clicked for a (slightly) larger version, if desired.


They said "Hold it for 3 seconds". Ju obviously didn't understand *what* to hold for 3 seconds .....


Ju works out what she was supposed to hold, perhaps?


Poor Ju later on in the evening's proceedings. Bless.


Artist's impression of what it might have looked like. And yes, the artist was pissed, too.


Andy, either holding the alcohol in his mouth for 3 seconds, or he's just twisted his groin.